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Has anyone had any dealings with W-M Realty Services in Centennial, CO? I did a rush BPO back in March for them and have yet to receive my fee. I keep getting excuses, here's the latest: Unfortunately, I do not have addition details as to when you will be compensated. Your work order has been included on a list for accounting to be paid when funds become available.If anyone one else is having trouble with a BPO company please post it so we all can stay away from them!

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  • I have done BPOs for UTLS Default Services and its been 4 months and I still haven't been paid.  Sent me a message:

    I apologize in advance for the delayed payments due to you. My coordintator should have called you regarding the issue with your account. There was a problem syncing your profile with our accounting system and we are working on fixing the issue to hopefully prevent it from happening again going forward. Your orders have already been forwarded to our accounting department to be manually entered in and we should be able to have a check issued to you on our next check run. Check runs are normally on Fridays but I think with Christmas around the corner, we will probably not be able to issue you a check until Monday.


    Thanks again for your patience as we correct the issue.


    Still now check.


    What steps can we make to get pad?

  • I have some unpaid BPOs with them.  I have tried to track them down without success. I think they are out of business.
    • Ocwen is the best company that pays.  They pay you directly thru your bank account.  You have to set up your bank account so that they automatically pay you.  It's great because it's paid thru your bank account directly and you don't have to worry about losing your check.  I have been doing their BPOs for many years and they never had not paid me.

  • Did one in February, also did not get paid.
  • Thanks to all of you! I finally got my check but I had to go to The Department of Regulatory Agencies to do so. I don't know what happened but when I told them I had filed a grievance I got my check! I have never had any problems getting paid beyond 30 days and that was because I did so many BPO's for one company! If they would have been honest when requesting my time and my expertise I would had worked with them. Yet every since California Assemblyman Ted Lieu got his foreclosure moratorium signed we have came to a halt on BPO’s and NOD’s. What is going to happen after the extension is over? That would be another discussion
  • They have been around. They get very few in my NJ areas but I had done a few w/in the past year, and it took them about 5 months to pay. They 'supposedly' assign listings, but I do not ever see any in my areas. I stopped working for them and outsource to better paying companies. Stay away if you like the pay within 45 days and do them if you find any listings in your area they manage.

    Best advice is to try a company once, see how they pay and if they live up to their word. They want us to live up to our time lines given, so shouldn't they do the same? I have others who pay every 7-10 days, every 2 weeks, and every 30 days AND give the listings just from doing the BPOs.

    Do your research, there are many blogs on this company as well as others who don't like to pay (one other would be the 'E' company) posted all over the wonderful world of the internet............good luck!
  • They probably won't last long once the word gets out. Thanks to all of you for putting the word out on this.
  • Tanya,
    Thanks for the feeback! I have just filed a grievance with the state attorney general of California and Colorado plus The Department of Regulatory Agencies against them.
    I have never heard of this. They put in an order for someone’s work using their time/gas/expertise even having to have a rush order then say you don't have the funds to pay the fee?

    I guess they all go to work at W-M Realty Services without pay.
  • I did a BPO for them a few years ago. It took them over a year to pay me. Needless to say, I won't do any for them again.
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