Winterization Confirmation for Fannie Mae

I just received a few tasks on that want me to confirm winterization for a few of my fannie mae listings.I read the form, and they want me to sign it saying I certify that the winterization done by Safeguard or Field asset services was done satisfactorily.How do I know they did a satisfactory job? How am I supposed to know if they actually blew the lines ou t, or poured anti-freeze into the drain traps? How could I possibly sign this in good ethical conscience?It's as if they want to hold me responsible in the event anything goes wrong. I'm a Realtor, not a contractor. I'm stumped on how to handle this.

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  • I agree with George I have received from multiple clients that Realtors will be held responsible for any damages as a result of improper winterization. This is just part of the territory. The banks are looking to have their liabilty covered and that in part is the reason they outsource to Realtors. I am wondering you have posted this some time ago did you accept the listing and or did it result in a completed sale for you ?
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  • This is from one of my clients forms:

    "If a property is
    not properly winterized and the property sustains freeze damage, the agent will be held fully
    responsible for the repairs necessary to cure the damage."

    As a listing agent we have a lot of liability issues we have to deal with. It's just goes with the territory.
  • Because they do many other jobs poorly...ususlly you can see it. ( trim, cleaning...)
  • They are asking you to 'certify' the work has been done, not the quality of work that was done. You are the Seller's eyes and ears. Property Preservation companies are experiencing good and not so good contractors - most doing their asigned jobs as they should, but a few not.
    I know on the FAS site, the contractors have to submit b/4 and after photos; pouring anti-freeze in the toilet etc then a photo of the toilet taped off with notice on it.....but if they wanted they could use the same photos for several homes.
    Seller is asking you to inspect the home for well posted Winterization notices, blue tape, signs of anti-freeze in the sinks and tubs (usually splashes and leaves pink residue).
    • That's incorrect. The form reads exactly like this: "I _____________ confirm that the property stated above, has been satisfactorily winterized by the Fannie Mae assigned property preservation company (spi/fas)".

      They are asking me to certify that the work was done "Satisfactorily". They should change the verbage, because I cannot certify that.
      • I disagree with your interpretation of the form, UNLESS one of your requirements as the agent for the property is to be on site when all winterizations are performed. Then you would be able to visually inspect and see that the contractor is blowing lines, adding anti-freeze etc in a satisfactory way.
        • That's my point, nobody should be able to confirm that, so why are they asking for it?
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