Windy Keefe

Sorry folks...I know this is a shameless plug for someone but I gotta say... I have had the opportunity to  call / discuss things with Windy Keefe on several occasions for questions and thoughts on different ideas I have had. She has always been responsive and just an AWESOME person to deal with. This industry needs sooooo many more like her!!

Thank You Windy!!!

Lonnie Wiskman

Premier Realty

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  • Yes, Windy is very nice and she is responsive, I have had chats with her here and there I think she is a caring helpful person.
  • I second that.   Keep up the great work, Windy!


  • WOW!! I just saw this! Thank you Lonnie but you make it easy. Your willingness to do "what it takes" makes it a pleasure to help you. 

    • Well, this is not from 2018. This is from May, 2020. Windy Keefe is helpful, responsive, personable. The industry needs more people like her. I have no relation to her but she helped me sort out some confusion involving multiple states, and Clear Capital and REONetwork. Windy Keefe rocks!
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