Will trade BB&T contact info for...

Hello,If you are in the following states: IN, KY, WV, VA, SC, NC, TN, AL, FL or GA (BB&T only serves these states), I will trade you LEGITIMATE BB&T Asset Manager contact info for LEGITIMATE warm Asset Manager introduction with Countrywide/BofA, Chase, or US Bank.My e-mail address is cmlouky@yahoo.com, please put TRADE in subject line.Thanks,CMwww.RedFrogHomes.comPhone 502-494-8382

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  • I have traded, several times, with other agents that are out of my area but it never produced any work. I would still do it because it can't hurt but chances are slim it will produce any new accounts. It would still be no different than any random agent bothering an AM. Also, it's not that tough to get AM's contact info these days but to turn that into work would be nearly impossible especially if you don't have credible references/proven track record to provide. On the other hand, I would rather go that route than trying to do 100's of BPO's to attract somebodies attention. Thinking outside the box and luck have brought me the most business on the REO side of the business.
    • George, what kinds of things have you done to get AM's attention?
  • Hi Cathy:

    Just curious, have you any luck with this request? Even though you trade names and numbers, does it ever bring in work?
    • Sadly, no luck with this request. It was worth a shot though.
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