Who Uses Virtual Assistants?

If you are using virtual assistants, I'get got some questions for you:1) What service you used to find them (MyOutDesk, Elance, Odesk, ...)2) How much you pay them?3) What tasks you have then doing for you?4) What have you found to be the most effective way to train them?

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  • Kyle,

    I use VA's on part time as needed basis....


    1.  I found them on CL...I posted an ad on what i was looking for in the philippines.  I had so many I couldnt keep track of all the applicants. I interviewd based on resumes and skype them and found some good ones.

    2.  I pay 3 USdollars an hour. they work 4-5 hrs a day...it about 100 bucks for the month and I wire it to them.

    3.  We skype and go over what i need (posting ads on various real estate websites on Fri Sat and sun nights).  Theypretty much do what my assistant would do but doesnt have time to do.   At 6:00pm its like 10:00 am for them and she works while i sleep and she sleeps while i work. I used google docs and dropbox for her to get access to what i want done.

    4.  I train by video either using camtasia or sceenr or jing and send it to them or skype allows you to share your screen.  So I share my screen and show them what i need done and its pretty smooth.  www.sceenr.com also works for video.   check out http://www.screenr.com/wir for one of my vidoes that i also tweeted for VA help. 

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