• Another great book, especially for team building, is Gung Ho by Kenneth H. Blanchard, Sheldon M. Bowles - 1998 - Business & Economics - 187 pages. It is an easy read and hard to put down once you start reading it.
  • I read "Who Moved My Cheese?" 4 years ago and always apply what I learned to my business. I understand CHANGES in this business and all other businesses happens everyday. I hire team members only if they have my mentality. Thank you for sharing the experience - I really love this book.
  • Everyone should read Shift. It will help you prioritize and help you look at all metrics of your business. Great book! I read Who Moved My Cheese years ago and it is a good high level book but meat and potatoes is Shift.
  • I read "Who Moved My Cheese?" a few years ago after 9/11 and the Las Vegas real estate market was very tough. This was prior to the REO market. Our real estate company did it as a group and it helped all us make it through that tough market. I still remember it when things get tough.
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