• Folks, this is an agent named Mike Costigan, selling a series called "REO Rockstars" or "REO Secrets". I paid for the set of CDs and although he is a bit too hard-sell for my taste, he has some very good ideas. Nonetheless, if you reply to that email you will forever be on the email list. Each email will reference a financial institution and the person sending it is always some variation of a famous name. Of course, the clue is the Marietta, Georgia address. By the way, he actually references this kind of barely legit marketing in his course. Again, though, I must reiterate that I learned a lot from the course, which I took last year(?) - and I have been doing REOs since 2004.

  • CONSTANT CONSTANT CONSTANT emails from them. I tried to reply to them letting them know what a bad impression they give themselves by spamming us. I didn't get a response.

    They use 10+ different domain names to email from... that's the #1 sign of a spammer with no value.

  • I attended one of these webinars only to find it to be a sales pitch for a coaching program. Maybe some of the others are what they say, but the only thing I learned was the names of some asset companies and how to contact them. At least it was free and only wasted 30 minutes of my time.

    • Thanks for your response.  If you learn one thing from the experience you're a better person.  I think there are better ways for them to make a living though.

  • Asset Disposition also sent me an email today with the subject line: Aurora REO application ....

    Stating that NationStar Mortgage has completed the final transfer of servicing rights to Billion Aurora, and invited me to attend a webinar today.

  • Thanks for the info gentlemen, I had the same question as Rob Stiles.

  • I'm near that area and have not heard of them. But if it's who I think it is, he's a local agent that has gotten into the seminar business and is also a member here on REOpro.


    And it could be one of several new companies coming to the Atlanta market that are purchasing up foreclosures at the Sheriff's sale in very large numbers.

    • They are looking to sell you something. If you read the letters they refer to everything in the third party. It appears no one has "Hired" them to do any training.

      I Googled the address and it is a small strip mall with 2 Real estate businesses. I like to dodge these types because there isn't anything they offer i can't do or get myself.

      A further search of "WHOIS" shows the email address ( was just created on October 30, 2012. They send me emails 3-4 times a week.


      • I'm thinking the same thing but wanted to confirm I'm not missing an opportunity.

        • Everyone has a NEW Wheel but nobody knows how to improve it........

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