Since the REO market is changing, but there are many distressed properties out there? Where should we be to be in the front line? What do you do to get more REO or Regular Listings?

I have spent few thousands on lead generating companies, subscriptions, seen agents spent on trulia, Zillow,tigerleads and so on.

Where do you spend your money to get more listings

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  • I changed my email address because the SPAMS became unbearable. The new address is:

  • We will gross over $1,000,000 in commissions this year and a good portion of it is from Radio, Zillow and Postcards to Expired/ FSBO.

    The keys:

    1. Radio: be on a station with a demo of 30-65. We target sellers only. We offer to buy there home in 1120 days if it does not sell. Country in our area works the best

    2. Zillow: we are a premier agent and spend a lot of money on prime zip codes. Our key is we always show up #1 because we have the most 5 star reviews.

    3. Postcards: We use 7.5" x 5.5" full gloss postcards. We have our 120 Day buy out logo on the front along with a testimonial. once we send the card, we follow up with a letter a week later. We could increase conversion a ton if we door knocked a week later instead so you can try that as well.

    This also does not hurt (Video)

    Good luck to all and Merry Christmas


  • Marvin Shelley here - I have had so many requests for the postcard, I lost track of who I sent them to. If I have not responded it was an honest mistake. I do not check this list for requests. Please send your request direct to me.

    And, of course, I do not charge anything for anything. Just thought I might help a few folks needing some assistance.

  • In simple terms, to get more listings you have to get in front of homeowners wanting to sell ... and get in front of them before another agent does.  While there are probably a lot of ways to do it, nothing beats good, old-fashioned marketing.  Generally speaking, what I've learned is you can do two types of marketing:  Branding (i.e. "getting your name out there") and Direct Response (getting people to respond to an offer of some sort).  Direct response seems to be the fastest way to get listings because it keeps you more in control of the process.  

    If you want to use direct response, here's the real key.  It's a formula:  Interrupt, Engage, Educate, and Offer.  When you start in the direct response direction, you typically want to offer information that only a seller wants to know but a non-seller doesn't.  This lets you narrow your responses to only the people you want to find.  Usually, too, with direct response marketing you can find sellers BEFORE they have contacted an agent, meaning you get to get there first.  Here's basically how to do it:  

    (1) "Interrupt" is usually in the form of a headline.  Its purpose is to "interrupt" a prospect from whatever he is doing and get him to notice your marketing piece.  The headline should have a compelling offer, such as "If you are thinking about selling your home, here are 4 of the biggest mistakes most sellers make that cost them thousands of dollars, and what you can do to avoid them."  

    (2) "Engage" is usually the first sentence of your marketing piece.  It frequently re-states the headline in a way, but adds a little more clarifying information to engage a prospect to continue reading.  For example, in this case it might say "did you know most homeowners unwittingly leave as much as $15,000 to $25,000 on the table when selling their home because of 4 simple mistakes?  I'm my years of selling real estate, I've been amazed at how many homeowners do these things ... and how simple they are to overcome."  

    (3) "Educate" is the promise of educating the seller.  For example, the "education" section would continue as thus:  "Because this is such a huge problem with most homeowners thinking about selling, I put together a special report I use for my clients to help them avoid these costs.  It has made a huge impact in their lives, and I'd love to share it with you."  

    (4) "Offer" is where you tell them what to do next ... to respond Immediately (hence the name "Direct Response").  So the offer could be a number of things.  My experience is the offer should always be something free and easy to get, and where you "stealthily" identify the responder without him knowing it.  For example, if you send him to a website and require him to fill out a form to get the report, you'll usually 90-95% of the prospects who respond.  However, if you use a "stealthy" way to identify them, you'll get all of the prospects.  That's a huge increase.  The easiest way to "stealthily" identify someone is using a call-capture number and tracking who calls.  If you send this info out by email, use an email marketing system to track who clicks on the link.  If you do it by mail, it usually takes technology that's too expensive for an individual to do on his own.   ....  

    There was a real estate marketing call about a year ago talking about specific ways to use direct response marketing to get more listings.  Here's a link to the recording.  It's was quite an excellent call, and you'll definitely want to have a pen and paper handy to take notes if you listen to it:

  • Wow, maybe you should have offered your post card for sale~ LOL, so many people asking to see it. I too would appreciate if you'd send it my way: THANKS!

  • @ Karen Gray - Did you post something to this site.

  • I definitely know FOLLOW UP is the key to success whether  with sellers or buyers! Another problem most of us have is TIME MANAGEMENT. I'd like to hear tips from agents who has a team. I am looking to create  a very strong team where I can take advantage of many buyer leads I get from my listings. I most of the time do not follow up with them due to lack of time.

  • Marvin,

    You are so kind to share. I am in Waterford, Mi. Please send to

    Thanks so much

  • @ Marvin- Lot of good tips on getting leads- But this one made me  ROFL-  

     '' You can have your company name printed on expensive undergarments and give them free to women of the evening who work the state capitol building areas. That way you get all the politicians!  lol ''

    Have a Great Weekend!

  • Hi Marvin,

    Will you please send me a copy of your postcard? My email is

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