• Tampa, FL - Fort Myers, FL ::: AltiSource has been largest, month after month.  I did get a few from CoreLogic in both Sept & Oct, as well as several from Old Republic, Main Street Valuations, Mark2Market, Secured Lending Services, and Valuation Support Services.  I just registered for the PCV Murcor, as I had not previously known about them (thanks!).
  • Mine is pcv murcor


  • Mine is CoreLogic
    • I have not seen a Corelogic order in 1 month . What State do you Cover?

      • I am in Illinois and the last 3-4 months has seen a steady slide on BPO volume....I was a Platinum member of Core Logic, then they came up with a fabulous idea to have agents "bid" for the BPO's....I did not change my rates and subsequently I have lost alot of business but I will survive one way or the other. With these BPO's you cannot factor just gas, you have to factor time, gas, the beating your car takes amongst other things!
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