• They are difficult to work with in that they expect you to respond to their needs immediately and require weekly inspections. I worked w/ them for over 10 years, till about 3-4 mo.s ago.... Back then I carried  30-60 listings, would be assigned a new one w/ every closing,,,,,now, they narrowed down to possibly 10 listings and have a huge amount of work per unit.... very tough these days....I understand they let go of quite a few agents this year.

    Thats all I know...... hope this helps!

    • Really?? Wells Fargo is huge in Kansas City and I thought PAS was a division of Wells. How could they lose their own work?
  • I Agent is just a platform and does not assign any listings or bpo. I is just for the agent use for any of there listing they want to follow up with. Pas( Wells Fargo) mention to all the agent that they are now doing more short sales and mods to keep people in their homes. The Reo side will only trinkle. That is why they let go of their agent Not much work to go around. They have a hugh agent base already to keep them satified.

  • I've been dealing with PAS for years in the REO business and have always found them to be top notch.  They did just transfer all their BPO work with most of it going to LSI.  They aren't taking a lot new REO brokers at this point.  They are now using Aspen IAgent so be sure you're registered there.  Good luck.

    • Have you gotten anything from Aspen?  REO listings?  I am thinking about signing up.  I already do alot of BPOs and don't want more.

    • Hi Bob, I just read a blogger on another site that Wells might be having Service Link service their Reo's. Not sure how true, but that is what is going around lately. They just let go of a bunch of agent across the country too.

      • I do BPOs through Servicelink for Wells so maybe there's something to that

    • $349 to join???
      • Has anyone paid to "hope" and receive assignments?

        Will someone with experience with Aspen iAgent please share their knowledge. 


    • Wow. Ok, thanks for the heads up. Things move fast in this business.
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