• Did anyone get setup for this?  How is it going?  How did you get setup?  Is there a link or can you provide a contact email address for us to follow up and get signed up?

  • WF referred a client to me for a short sale. No assignments through Equator though. 

    • I have had Wells Fargo refer a client in need of doing a short sale as well but no offer of listing their REO properties.

  • I am interested. What the link

  • I'm an REO agent with WF and was asked to sign-up.

    • Would you mind sharing the info?
    • Do you have a link :)

  • Ah...well, that is the thing.. it is still somewhat of a mystery.  According to a webinar I listened to it comes from an internal place...somewhere.....deep in the Wells Fargo mystery bucket.  They say they keep track of the agents who do short sales and how well they do and from there a recommendation will be created. I felt like what they were saying was that the only way to get in the list was to do several short sales with Wells Fargo. But..truly, I just can't imagine a company that large can track agents all over the country and tabulate who has done what.  That is as overwhelming as Santa making it to every house on the planet before the sun rises.


    Tara Nagelhout....Principal Broker

    Emerald Valley Real Estate.  Serving the Eugene & Springfield area, Lane County Oregon.

    • That information is more than I had previously.  Thank you.  Anyone else?

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