**WARNING** Watch out for STAR FEDERAL

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone been approached by STAR FEDERAL? They sold me a song and a dance and I was dumb enough to fall for it. Learn from my mistake. 

This company known as STAR FEDERAL contacted me back in February and told me their business model was to advertise landing pages on the internet in your specific area that would attract sellers to contact them and in turn would  then qualify the sellers and set up a listing appointment with the designated agent (you) for that area for the low price of just $499/year. They told me they had over 300 customer service agents in several call centers to field the calls, it would take 60-120 days for the online marketing to take hold, please be patient and you will see results. 

Well, I'm not one to throw my money around and always distrust and verify so I did my due diligence and googled them, didn't find anything negative, requested to see their landing pages, they checked out, called the phone number on the site and verified it was legitimate. After I paid I even made sure I called back several times over the 90 days and was always able to speak to a customer service rep named Christopher and so I was satisfied with the investment.  

However, in July I started to get suspicious when no one would return my call, I even faked a few seller calls and no one ever returned my phone calls to set the appointments and then I just kept calling for several months always getting the answering service with no return call. I was always polite until this last month when I finally had it. I told them I was going to the attorney general, etc... So today I was seriously going to call the attorney general of CA but before I did I thought I'd make one last call and low and behold a guy by the name of Robert answered. Told me they were sorry they never returned the calls, understood my frustration, they had been getting my messages, he's been working without pay for several months and they have had many agents threaten them with law suits, attorney action, etc... their call center contracts over seas were cut off and they are out of money.But they are back up and running now and intend to make this right.

BS! So, before I hung up, I Asked again politely but firm for my money back and he said sorr, No refunds, we don't have the money to give you anyway but we are going to make this right. I said, how if you don't have the money? He said they have new investors involved that have got the call centers back up, put money into the SEO but will not issue any refunds becuase they want all the money going into getting the company back up and running and providing the results to the agents that they were promised.

So, needless to say, they have a one year contract, no refund policy, don't have the money even if you persued it and anyone who has paid in is SOL according to my experience. 


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  • I had a call from something like the company you refer to. His pitch sounded like he wanted to sell me something. Bad idea. I am not surprised by your experience.

    All I can say is, never pay to get orders which is what I told the sales person. 

  • Marvin, 

    You are absolutely correct. The business is hard work, takes effort and you are damn right "A fool and his money are soon departed."

    Agents need to understand that this business is hard work and you can't cut corners. I don't recommend it to my agents and don't feel sorry for the ones that do. 

    My post specifically states, "Learn from my mistakes".  

    There's also something to be said for "nothing ventured, nothing gained." "No risk, no reward" "You win some, You lose some" Nothing wrong with failing as long as you learn from it. Which is why again, I decided to make the post. Let others learn from me. 

    Marvin just do me a favor, Next time you make a great point don't ruin it with name calling. 

  • OK FOLKS !   This old guy has warned agents before on numerous web sites - "Do NOT pay your hard earned money to the scum bags trying to get into your pocket book with the latest idea, APP, web site, Iphone, Ipad, or other high dollar device,etc.


    Wanna be a real estate, well for God;s sake be a real estate agent. Get ff your butts and get out of the office and away from the computer and List and sell, list and sell, list and sell!!! how many times must I tell you folks this????????

    There are no short cuts or quick ways to hit it big. Just list and sell, list and sell. 

    If you do not want to list and sell, turn in your license and get  job. You folks are making these scamsters and  scumbags rich. What a bunch of dummies.

    Do I feel sorry for Tom and Steven? Nope! Their mommas told them "A fool and his money are soon parted." But, you know what, I bet they fall for the next scam that comes along promising an easy way to rich in real estate.



    • Marvin,

      I never spent a dime with these morons, but they were relentless in getting me to sign up, The dozens of emails I received were unsolicited, I am very well aware of what it takes to do business.

      • Sorry, Steven. Guess I misinterpreted your post.

  • Christopher of Star Federal is a punk, the company is a total sham

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