Happy New Year Everyone, 


Thank G*d, 2020 is over! 

I know alot of us in alot of markets were adversely affected by the pandemic. In contrast the Realtors that pivoted their marketing and selling strategies did even better in 2020 than any prior years. 


I know in markets like mine in NYC - urban dwellers fled to "hills" to larger properties and rethought the concept of living in the "cool downtown" areas. 

You will need to start changing your marketing keywords to - Pool, 1+ Acres, Farm, Large Lot, and 45 other keywords (DM me if you need a full list) that trigger "BUYER INTENT"



2. REVERSE REO- what does that mean?

What do I mean by that- Well its becoming evident that large institutions, private equity, hedge funds are gobbling up SINGLE FAMILY HOMES like never before. You are going to see massive asset transfer in the next 2-3 years as the foreclusre dust settles on the effects of the pandemic. Moritoriums will expire soon and the banks will start foreclosing on the millions of homes of the people who can't pay their respective mortgages. This is once again an opportunity unfortunately bigger than the 2008-2010 mortgage bust. I would reach out directly to Asset Mangers at large buyers. 

BUYERS like who?- Americanhomes4Rent ( let me know if you need numbers to their offices) , Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, etc and sell these properties directly to them -

What are they looking for? Properties that are in good areas and carry good rent rolls and analysis of properties that are CLOSE to their current assets. This way you with "boots on the ground" and their "eyes and ears" and become a indispensible resource instead of a COMMODITY. 


3. Make no mistake there is going to be a boom in property for the next five years- all the fundamentals are aligned - are you ready?


4. DM me on LinkedIn and I would be more than happy to share my contacts in my network as a introduction to some AM's in my Rolodex ( for Millenials - that was your contacts in you iPhone...) 


5. Lets all share our ideas in 2021, hats off to Jesse, he has really done a great public service by keeping this blog going! 


More to follow in 2021- I'm Back! 


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