VRM VA Listing

Does anyone know, for VRM VA listing, do you as the listing agent still has to do the taking over of utilities and being responsible for it until the listing closes?  I know a few companies are not requiring it and I just got my first VA from VRM.  I don't see the listing instructions like many other do when they send you a listing assignment.  Thanks!

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  • I just learned something this week about HOA's with VRM and thought I'd pass it on, if you have a back up of fees due (mine was for 4 years),they will only pay from the date of the foreclosure date....THANK GOODNESS I did not mail the check yet!!  As far as I can see they are a good company to work with, asset mgrs. so far are great and everybody wants to get the homes sold....I think I've settled on 5 so far ....they will listen to what you have to say in reports...the only complaint I have really is LPS for getting reimbursed.....

  • Thank you E.T. and Derrick for your feedback.

  • Hi Trong,


    Yes, you pay utilities and are responsible until listing is closed. You have 30 days after closing to submit. Congrats on your first VRM-VA listing. You should have received a brief letter with instructions and so forth. If you did not in the email, check your Documents in the platform. Feel free to email me if you bump into something you have a question on.

    • Hi Derrick/E.T.,

      How long does VA usually take for reimbursement?  I have a bill with 23 days to proc in LPS Invoice and it is not even at 1st Reviewed yet.

      • 60-90 days up until recently, but lately its been less for me. Don't worry, they are not the fastest but certainly not the slowest either. They will pay you and you will not have to chase them. A tip: sign up for the direct deposit reimbursements. They prefer this and you will too.

        • Is this something I can sign up directly with them or LPS Invoice?

          • No go to VRMS and modify your profile in the Vendor Management platform.

  • yes, you pay all util's and hoa.  You do not pay the landscaping.

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