Valuation Vision Preferred

I just received a solicitation to become a "preferred" broker for BPOs.

Naturally, the first thing I asked was what was the payment policy/time frame going to be. I was "assured" that since their acquisition that accounts had been unfrozen and payment would be prompt.

Has anybody else received such an invitation and, if so, did you gain any additional information?

Their "requirements" appear to be similar to just about everybody else.


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  • They were really behind in payments, but sent me a check for all owed a few months age.  Everytime I called they answered the phone and were honest about what was going on.  I was contacted about the preferred agent program as well and it does not cost any extra $$ or fee.  I have been getting paid on a regular basis about 60 days after the BPOs have been approved.  The only negatives is payment takes a little longer than most companies and their website does not work well when a lot of BPOs available and a lot of people are trying to login and accept.  I would say the BPO form is easier than most to complete and usually gets approved quickly without any clarifications needed, however lately some of the BPOs have taken longer to approve.  I think they have some new staff hired and some still need some additional training when auditing BPOs.  

    • I still have no clear understanding of what preferred means in this case.  Can you elaborate?

  • I've yet to accept an offer from them.  They keep sending me BPO requests for homes 30+ miles away from my service area and their fee they are offering is $35 per.

    I kind of enjoy hitting "decline" when they keep insulting our industry like that.

  • NEVER pay any BPO company to get orders. You just dont need to  Regarding VV---they are on my poop- list. They dont pay.  Once in a while a check will come in for one that actually nwere than some of the old ones they have 'forgotton' to pay

    • Of course not.  I'm just trying to find out what the deal is.  

  • First, are they asking for a fee?  Second, did you ask if they have every agent paid up to date before they start to promise you timely payment? 

    They continue to send me orders and have even called and sent me direct email asking me to do orders no one else has taken. I have said that I might consider their orders in the future after they have me paid up. I haven't heard of any preferred program. 

    • No reply required. I did not ask if everybody was paid. Based on feedback from this group I had discontinued work for them quite awhile ago, but fortunately have been paid for all I did. Just don't want to get on the wrong side of the ledger again.

      Thanks for all the feedback.

      • What is the preferred deal? 

        • Supposedly they give you first preference for BPOs. They have a list of requirements that you need to follow but they seem pretty much the same as any BPO company's. Couldn't tell much difference at a first glance.

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