• I have not, but search the company on the internet and you will glean a wealth of info there. This is how I came across this web site.

    • Charlene
      Yes they have paid me for everything to this point. They appear to be a good provider
  • I have done a few for them and don't have any complaints so far.

  • I've completed approx 25 orders for them in the past month.  Seem good to work with but I haven't gotten any payments yet.  They only require 4 photos and have 30 or so Y/N questions to answer.  Pretty simple and the addresses are typically only 5 miles or so from my office.

    • If you don't get paid soon, I wouldn't do any more work for them. Have you gone to the net for info about the company, numbers to the company to ask cautious today. I've been working REO's for years and you have to research who you decide to work for.

    • Hi Stacy have you received payment yet?

    • Thank you for the reply,worth doing a few and see where it goes.
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