Vacation vs Asset Managers

...I am getting ready to take my 2 1/2 week vacation with family. Can some one give me the VERY BEST way to let my asset managers know to go easy while I am away? I have an assistant, I will have my laptop (ugh) but no one does it as well or as on time. Would it be better to "not" tell them? I sure don't want to be passed over for an assignment.


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  • When I get slow, I always book a vacation! I get immediate results then. LOL I feel for you!! Just go, if your site with them allows you to put yourself on vacation mode do it, otherwise, trust the team members that you have trained them well!! Good luck
  • Every asset manager is different. If you have to ask this, it sounds like you do not know your A/M very well. And you know the best way to get really busy is try and go on vacation!

    If you have quality people in your team that you can turn things over to without fear, then you are good. Turn your phone off and have a good time with the family! Otherwise if not, and you want to keep the business, you might want to reconsider your vacation. A/M's do not care why you are not available, just that you are not! And what good is a vacation if you are working the whole time?

    No easy answers to this question.
    • Thanks and you are so right.....I do know them pretty well....but of course the minute I email them....I will have more work on the desk!! Just thought maybe some one out there had a magic formula!! I wish!! Thanks for taking the time to respond.
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