I've gotten a couple of bpo orders from them today to work for $0 and then you are supposed to be put into an "approved agent database for selection" and then be eligible for REO assignments.  Any feedback would be very welcome.

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  • One should NEVER work for free-if they were legitimate-you would get paid and give them a credit for any BPOs you have done. Working for free,in my opinion,is morally repulsive.

  • Tell them Thanks but No Thanks.   go out and sell real estate you will make more money

  • I have done several BPO's for USRES, over the course of 10+ years, in order to be eligible to get listings, and you also have to be a member of ResNet which is their platform which you must join in order to get the REO assignment. In the past they offered 3 levels of membership a free membership , a mid level and the all inclusive Pro level , which thru the years morphed into where you had to be a pro member to get listing/bpo's and /or keep the ones you had listed. 

    With USRES I only got 1 listing from them over that time period  which was a total dump...and after the initial listing period they pulled it and assigned it to another agent .

  • They got me 10 yrs ago. Crooks! Run! I never received one listing.
  • Apparently some agents get listings but most do not, I am one of the ones who didn't get a listing for completing many many BPO's.  I took a chance hoping for the best expecting the worse, I got exactly what I expected no listing assignments.  You would be better off doing the paid BPO's.  I won't complete orders for USRES even the paid ones because I don't agree with their deceptive practices.  They are making money on other's hard work and expenses. B.S. in my book! 

  • They have been sending me BPO's too.  I did so many for them years ago and got nothing so I am declining them now.  I guess you never know.  They seem to keep trying new people and then toss a coin as to whether or not you get a listing.

  • I received this same call about two years ago, I went ahead and did the BPO. I never heard from them again. I am so busy right now that I only do a couple BPO's each week. They pay for my lunch. I would stick to those companies that pay you

    for your work in a timely manor! I am so tired of the companies that are using us. My bills come around every month, not now and then. We only have one REO in my city on the MLS. The price of homes in this area are higher now than at the peak before the big slide. I only found one shortsale also.

  • Don't work for free!  I did it for USRES and never got anything.  I did about 10 of them before I wised up.

  • Ten to one odds of getting a listing from the "Free" BPO is what I was told by

    After completing my taxes for 2014, it costs me on average $35 to complete a BPO.

  • Don't bother.  Done USRES BPO's for free, no assets ever assigned.  If you ever met the CEO of the company you would understand.    He thinks he's GOD of the Foreclosure World.

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