Using LinkedIn To Grow Your REO Business


One of the ways I work with my clients is to maxiimize their use of Linkedin to attract REO Business. Using my 7000 connections to increase their performance is one approach.  Simply put If a client posts I hit the share button and it shows up in my feed.  A post that is actually written by a client about a subject relaing to REO gets about 100 views.  Those who just post  a news article get about 50 views.  Around 10% of views are from Asset  Managment Decision Makers.  I give my clients information about who views their posts. There is no limit on how many times a client may do so.  If you would like a free sample, post about a REO.subject - let me know - and I’ll share it with my connections and give you feedback. It’s simple yet effective.  The best way to notify me is by email at

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  • I will not pay anyone for business unless you provide me with substantial evidence that you are legitimate helping other colleagues getting with clients. I paid many coaches and companies in the past that I don't trust just anyone. What are your fees? NO offense!
  • I would definitely be interested in a free sample post about an ReoSubject. Thanks so much Beverly McDonald
  • So you charge a fee to share content posted by other realtors to "decision makers" within the industry who then do what?
    • We prepare individualized materials for our clients and push them directly to REO Decision Makers.
      Linked in is only one piece of a multi channel marketing campaign. Sharing of LinkedIn posts is a very small piece of the program. But very effective. If you would like a complete explanation feel free to email me. Thanks for the comment.
      • John: I would like to know more information about your fee and what you do.
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