USA Valuations

USA Valuations has been calling me to do BPOs.  Promise to pay $75.  Pretty straightforward, and their web site is user friendly.  But, do they pay?  Anyone have experience with USA Valuations?

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  • I did a BPO for then in 2010, another one in 2012, and one more in 2013. They did pay back then.

  • Hello, I was wondering if you ended up working with them? If so how did it go. I was assign an BPO and before doing the work I wanted to see if they are worth working for? 

    • I have done 3 BPOs for them.  Before accepting any more, I will wait to see if and when I get paid for these three.

      • Did they pay you? I just got a request for a $75 BPO

  • If you do a search for this company on this site REOPro, you will find a recent discussion on this company.

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