Unauthorized Farewell Address

Hi everyone,

I just wanted it to be known to all NFSTI members that the "Farewell Address" that has been posted on the NFSTI website and the call related to that posting are both unauthorized. 

I don't want to use this as a political soapbox, but just needed to inform anyone who thought that this was a legitimate message. 

I'll keep you posted once I've regained administrative privileges.


Dan Waterman

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  • You guys are great! I am glad that you are my friends.
  • Alain, I agree 100%
  • I don't kown what happened ... and might be better to do not know.
    What I do know is information, education and support provided by Dan (NFSTI)
    is valuable and complement very well what Jesse is offering.
    There is one thing I do know very well is
    Dan has called me back any time I have contacted him and he took the time
    to answer and shared his opinion on my request.
    What can be better ?
    All my support to Dan !
  • What happened?
This reply was deleted.