Tony Rosales and his marketing company

Hi all


Well every one has asked me about my experince with Tony Rosales and his team. Due to the number of calls I had received for the last few months. I just wanted to give my feed back.


I signed up with him last year and paid $1500 .But till today I have not seen any results at all. I am based in Virginia and also Licenced in Marland. Very disappointed. My money should have been returned at least half if not full.

 So please people do not waste money, it is hard to earn. All these companies are just taking our money and running thier business on our account. Every day most of us are getting emails sign up and you will be infront of asset managers, or will get listings. Those days are gone here , I do not know about your area.


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  • What services did they provide for this fee?

    • One page resume and a marketing pacakage.
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