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Hi all


Well every one has asked me about my experince with Tony Rosales and his team. Due to the number of calls I had received for the last few months. I just wanted to give my feed back.


I signed up with him last year and paid $1500 .But till today I have not seen any results at all. I am based in Virginia and also Licenced in Marland. Very disappointed. My money should have been returned at least half if not full.

 So please people do not waste money, it is hard to earn. All these companies are just taking our money and running thier business on our account. Every day most of us are getting emails sign up and you will be infront of asset managers, or will get listings. Those days are gone here , I do not know about your area.


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  • I signed up with Tony about 4 months ago after hearing what he had to offer durning a Five Star Conference Call. Within a week or two I got a listing from the efforts of Tony's contacts. That listing paid for the $1500 and also got me in with Flagstar Bank who does not have any other agents in my area or entire State of Alabama.

    At the end of the day when you send the money, you and everyone else knows nothing is guaranteed in the wonderful world of REO's. Just because I'm signed up with Tony and his group doesn't mean I stop marketing to AM's on my own. You can't rely on someone else to send you business you have to go out and get it!!

    That being said....Tony any activity in the great State of Alabama?? :)

    • Tony has launched a new site that delivers monthly content in addition to many services that can be customized for any client how to get and maintain REO accounts.  I'm really excited this new site and all the new content.  I heard today that the Federal moratorium is being extended to the end of the year and that next year is when the majority of the shadow inventory will start to be released.  Now's the time to get approved by clients and to get ready more the record REO inventory that's coming.
  • This is an entertaining post. So far I see it 3 rounds for Tony, 1 round for Zubaria.

    Round 5...Fight ;)
  • If it costs money, forget it!
  • I really disagree with your assessment of Tony's services.  I've had tremendous success working with Tony, and although my listing count isn't where I'd like it to be, Tony has helped me get on approved lists for clients through his coaching and connections.  Once the banks start releasing their massive shadow inventory, I'm now in a position to not only accept listings, but be able to handle them. At no point did Tony guarantee me listings, only the opportunity to help me network and grow my skills.  It really comes down to the effectiveness of your marketing, networking with banks and ultimately your scorecard when it comes to getting and keeping REO clients.  


    I would recommend Tony to both new and experienced REO agents in this market as the commissions go down and the competition increases, I really appreciate working with someone that has actual asset manager experience that will tell you straight about how to grow and succeed in this market.

    • Matt,


      Would you use Tony to apply to multiple REO/bpo companies for you as REO Lister does & Tony says he does for half the cost?


      Pls let me know your thoughts as I do not mind paying if the applications do indeed get submitted & followed up on to companies, but it is so hard to know what is really worth it & what is not these days, I am sure you understand.


      Pls feel free to email me at:


      Happy Home Selling,



      • I would recommend the database entry, at a minimum, and for the best bang for the buck, I would recommend the unlimited package without hesitation.  The data entry gets you into 80 companies for both BPO and REO listings.  The time savings alone makes this worth the cost.  I look at Tony's program as costing the commission on two minimum valued properties.   When you look at it using that prespective, along with all the education and asset manager viewpoint and see the great value you are getting for money.  In a time when there are less listings, less commission rates and more and more organizations wanting your cash, I would recommend Tony above all other programs out there.
        • Matt


          Thank you, my friend Cinthia has just hired Tony for the database entry & is filling out all of the paperwork.  I am hopeful she will have a good experience & then may engage Tony's services as well.

  • Tony,

    I love your reply. You absolutely seem to be working hard for your clients. Just seems to me like a pretty slow time in the REO world, or am I mistaken?

    • Marcy,

      You are correct, it's a slow time. As we all know, last year provided one delay after another. We all had hoped the constant delays would end by now but, thanks to robosigning and declining prices, it's still slow. That, however, should change very soon. They can't forever hold onto the many properties that are sitting there without losing more than they think they are gaining.

      This industry is very much a hurry up and wait process but if you keep yourself diverse it will help you ride this rollercoaster we call REO.



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