Just wanted to post an article that came out this morning.Titanium Holdings appointed Cary Sternberg as president of its newly formed real estate-owned (REO) subsidiary Excellen REO.The full service REO asset management company offers services to mortgage companies across the nation. Sternberg will manage the strategic direction of the company.In November, Sternberg will begin hiring asset managers to start servicing in January 2010. The new recruits will develop a national network of real estate agents, which may expand to as many as 1,200 agents.Many will come from Titanium Solutions’ housing retention consultants with past REO experience. Others will be required to pass two courses and will use the RES.NET software system.Sternberg was formerly the senior vice president of the REO department for American Home Loan Servicing, where he managed more than 200 employees and 33,000 assets.

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  • Does Excellen REO have a direct website yet?
  • Preservation Monthly, Posted the article here on the web-site or you can visit our website www.preservationmonthly.com. Jesse also sent it out to everyone. Enjoy reading
  • Preservation Monthly, Posted the article here or you can visit our website www.preservationmonthly.com. Jesse also sent it out to everyone. Enjoy reading
  • Where do we sign up?
  • Can anyone tell me where to find this article? I'd really like to read it. I've googled and searched the Titanium website but can't seem to link up to it.
  • I know that my AM is quickly working through the agents in our area who are not accepting assignments. They are not going to let them stay on the panel with no activity during this time when they really need us. The payoff will be a high rating and asked to join the sister company. According to the article you will also have to have the RDCPro and past REO experience.
  • This is finally coming to fruition. Does anyone know how the recruitment of agents and assignments of listings will be handled?

    Will HRCs be given a leg up on getting in vs. those who've never worked with Titanium?

    Will the Area Managers have anything to do with assigning properties or will new asset mangers be brought in to handle this?
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