Tips for the Penny Pinching Agent

Someone asked me questions about how much I spent on technology.  After talking, I realized I am cheap!


So I thought I would post some of the things I do that saves me money.  Hopefully others will enjoy this.  And also, hopefully, others will post cool things they do that will save me more money.


Really, the best things I have come up with are my office tools.


I use open office.  If you are cheap, and your not using this, start.  Its just like Microsoft Office, only FREE!  Here is the url:


There are some sites where you pay, but dont...just go to the source at the .ORG site. 


Here is a cool way to share files with yourself:  You can set up a free virtual drive that you can access through the net.


Here is another cool site: .  Control your desktop, as though sitting there, from any pc anywhere.  Your laptop, clients home, office, whatever.  If you need a file, log into, drop it into your DropBox folder, then pick it up locally for printing or whatever.  No more calling your assistant to fax or email you stuff.


Anyway, Please Post!  I will most more later.




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  • I do a lot of my document storage, spread sheets and other functions on gmail. I also store my pictures and do videos using Picasa. I can get to them from anywhere I can get online and it is FREE.
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