• I tried to file a complaint with NAR, they just want your dues, they really don't care about scam artists

    • Jim, when you are a member of a Union whom you pay dues to monthly or annually, they go and defend you.They fight for your progress, because they know that they will make more money from you if you do well.  I know that several members of National Association of Realtors read our blogs in this forum. Why are they not fighting for us or pointing out bad apples such as Team Lear?

      Real estate agents who are not exposed to the REO Pro Blogs will continue to be victimized by Scammers. NAR officers, you must get involved please. This is too much for the agents to handle.


  • Hi Everyone,

    From everyone's experiences, it seems as though Lear (or whoever they are for the month), is aware when their time with you is about to expire they will call you (after not hearing from them in a while) with a request for a BPO with a promise of a listing when you renew. This just seems to be a good old bait and switch type thing. Because this has impacted numerous agents in various states I wonder if this type of fraud gets bumped up to a federal level (US DOJ).

  • Bad mouthing???  They are nothing but low life criminals!  They use alias names and do business under false address' in different states.

  • I, against my better judgement, paid for 2 properties last year.  At one point I was contacted and said they were getting ready to list one of the properties and asked for my mailing address to send the $449.00 back to.  I never received it.  I am out of California and wondering if anybody else from California has had any better luck.  I will report them to the Calif Attorney General if it would do any good

  • Rachel.  This is a company that is scamming agents.  Please don't pay them anything up front.  

  • I believe they've changed their name again. I think they are now called Optimal REO Solutions. Beware of anyone asking for a retainer for listings.
  • Team Lear is a SCAM company - stay very far away from it

  • I have never received a listing from the company Team Lear, although my story sounds the same as others. I was duped into paying them twice (over $900)  and received no listing and no refund even though I have asked for it more than once.  I still have the emails where I corresponded with them and they made their promises.  The phone number that was used to call me was (720) 515-7037.

  • DID YOU EVER GET ANYTHING? The rest of us got ripped off

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