I am adding more and more reo's and it was suggested to me that I should have: tazareo.com to assist me in then management of my reo business. I currently use TP 8i and am happy w/it for my residential sales, but it does not have reo tasks built into it.I would love some feedback!

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  • Ellen,

    Go check out www.eBrokerHouse.com before you do anything else. Their program is more robust, growing by the day, and CHEAP! Their crew are great guys and will make sure that you get VIP treatment.

    Larry Dallas hit the nail on the head in the comment below.

    PS - I am not getting paid to say this, but I have fallen so deeply in love with this product that we request their presence at our courses and have them teach on task management almost ever class


    Dan Waterman
    • When these guys started out, they were plugging their own product a lot which rubbed a few people the wrong way including me but they have now developed the program into the best bang for your buck software on the market and it now speaks for itself.

      I tried Aspen iAgent, Taza, REO Meastro, REO Office and a few others and ended up going with eBrokerHouse. I couldn't imagine going back to life without it. It saves my butt time and time again when I need quick access to offers or previous BPO values.

      The offer submission system and the ability to mass email agents who've placed offers on my listings are my two favorite features. I have also made suggesstions to the designers and they have actually listened to them and implemented a few of the ideas.
  • I have been using eBrokerHouse for about a month and love it. i tried the others and they are ALL more expensive. You can't beat eBrokerHouse for the money and ease of use. as another agent, said it's what you put into it that you get out of it. there is no perfect solution. i tried to mix TP 8i with www.eBrokerHouse.com and of course my Outlook and contact management. there is no ways around one solution. you need to find what works for you. i don't want to have multiple sites and monthly fees for everything. so i got rid of TP 8i. i've also been using google mail, calendar, and docs for collaborating with my team. it's surprisingly easy to use and can be worked on simultaneously

    Tazareo.com is a super cool site. but very expensive and worthwhile i think only if you have a lot of properties and the time to set it up initially. i know people who use it and love it. i like www.eBrokerHouse.com though. check it out.
    • Thanks for the really kind words!! We will always continue to make this program better by listening to our users. We are accessible, ready, and here listening to all the great ideas out there.

      Thanks again Eugene!!
      • Ebrokerhouse is the best program there is and has an amazing price to match, plus the guys behind it actually care about their product and making it better for their users. I searched for months demoed a lot of programs and wasnt impressed by any of them especially their price, but Ebrokerhouse won me over.
  • We have been using REO Maestro. Good reporting and tracking tools, user freindly and cost effective.
  • I currently use iaspen, iagent. You can check it out at www.aspengrove.net. A lot of REO features and $29.00 per property for first 50, then discounted, not a flat monthly charge like Tazareo. They do not charge for BPO or reassigned properties.
  • Ellen,

    TAZAREO is a great tool!!!
  • Thank you for the info, I will check out ebrokerhouse before I make my decision, did a webinar w/Taza Reo last week & am pretty impressed. It is quite a bit more expensive then ebrokerhouse, thanks for all of the feedback, it is really helpful! Happy Home Selling!
  • Hi,

    I use TAZAREO with several brokers and agents to manage their REOs and the program is great with a lot of great features to keep you organize. I would recommend it for those with 5+ properties and looking to expand their business. Once you get it setup with task, vendors, clients, etc, you will find out that your work flow is manageable as long as you keep your priorities in perspective.....Do what you do best and leave the working tasks to the someone else. As always, no program will work if you don't have it setup properly or don't understand the functionality, and none work on auto pilot.

    In order to make it a win win situation, you have to use it!

    Ask for Francis Keller. If you need assistance setting up your TAZA process, contact me.
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