Taza360...any updates?

Got an email today from Taza360 about doing an exterior BPO for $75and a week to do it!,then when you read on it appears that you pay a monthly fee to join on after the first month and includes their software? No mention of any guarantee of amt of BPO's a month. Maybe I'm mis-reading?

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  • Taza requires that you sign up with them and pay a monthly fee, which includes access to their transaction management software. You also have to do a bpo that is representative of your work to be included with your "profile". I was contacted by them, as they did not have an agent in my area, and they supposedly had some bpo work. If they had a bpo, it was long gone by the time I got through their registration process and approval of sample bpo. To be eligible for REO's you also have to go thru training on their site, at no additional cost. I have not received ANY assignments from them since signing up in February of this year. I don't think you will find anyone that will guarantee assignments. I would like to hear if anyone is having a "positive" experience with them ...
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