• I have received bulk orders and I have been paid
  • Seems there has been some increased activity from Summit nationwide.  I just received 2 orders out of 4 offered.  BPO's this summer have been super slow but it seems to be loosening up as of late. (Matt: They do pay)

  • good to know there is some activity with this company....Mahalo Cece
    • Mahalo Greg!

  • I just got about 25 shotgun orders from them after not getting any orders for about 2 years. Couldn't catch any of the ones close by. 5 still left. I'd accept 4 of them if I had another day or 2 to get them done.
    • You didn't even answer the damn question. Nobody cares about what you have for orders. Answer the question. 

      • That question was already answered. The tradition on this page is to report continual activity of the company.  There's no need to display your anger issues and ability to take them out on a post by cussing.  I'm sure Owen won't mind knowing.

  • Yes, they pay. I would say they pay 3-4 weeks after the BPO was completed.

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