• what is the website address for their signup portal?

  • I have done 2 since your post, they pay in 10-14 days an the checks come from Speedy Title. They just use that software that Entra uses.

    • Thanks, Doug. Received payment as well.

  • I found that email and I see they use the quandis platform.  That's how all of the orders look when they use quandis.  I doubt quandis would put up with pushing orders from a company that doesn't pay.  I could be wrong about that.  If entra used quandis, I'd try to at least put in a complaint with them.

    The site has all of my data already there except for my updated E&O so it must definitely be related to some other company I've done business with.    

  • I just got a Stars order yesterday for the first time. I deleted if before I remembered your post. The email format looked familiar but I think that the address waa too far for me to consider. As I recall, the fee was $50 which was a good surprise.  Had I remembered your post, I would have clicked through to see what their website looked like. 

  • Hey Sam, if I used BBB as a measuring tool I don't think I would be doing business with any BPO or Asset Management company. Also, the link doesn't work.

  • Many non paying BPO companies disappear and reinvent themselves under new names. I never did any Entra work and never heard of Stars. Some companies do use the same entry software company or portals such as BPO Fulfillment. 

    • Thanks for the info, Cece! I'm going to give them a shot and see what happens.  *fingers crossed*

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