Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share my software I developed to streamline my BPO process and thought I would share with everyone to get feedback and possibly further enhance it. Basically I wanted a software that I can drag my photos to a label/field which in return would auto rename it and send the photo to a specified folder - I could not find a software that would do this so I built it from scratch.

I also wanted a calculator that would produce my price opinion for BPO Fulfillment platform just by plugging in min and max sales price + property condition. I built this as well which produces excellent results that i would typically take time to produce (at least for me). This will produce all the required fields thats necessary in BPO Fulfillment under the Price Opinion tab.

both of these tools are built into a single user friendly windows application.

So far the price opinion calculator is built based on BPO Fulfillment requirements however I do plan on further enhancing it for various platforms. Feedback is appreciated!

I attached the application for everyone to download however if there are any issues/bugs or unable to download, please feel free to contact me or just post to this discussion.

Thank you,




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