So what banks use RES.NET?

This I have to say is an odd business model that RES.NET has currently. I don't know who has advised RES.Net to not disclose or make easily available the banks that utilize their services.I would think the thought would be to have as many Realtors sign up for their services at RES.Net as possible to make sure that they are already familiar with their services and using the system before a bank contacts the Realtor and ask them if they are using the service or familiar with Res.Net.


 I had posted on Wordpress that I had renewed my Res.Net AMP subscription which I also had a simliar post on ActiveRain but Wordpress had fed to my Facebook and Twitter accounts which received some responses via email from other Realtors.


The main question is do you get business from RES.Net and what banks use RES.Net


I have read through post on ActiveRain members suggesting that the following banks use RES.NET


Suntrust, GRC, Goodman Dean, IAS, Keystone,Beal,Capstone,PMH,FAS,Excelle,SAM and PNC.


If you know of any others that use Res.Net please leave a comment on this post so other ActiveRain members can know when looking at signing up for Res.Net who all the banks are they may have a chance to get a listing from.




*** Update***


I have received the below email when AMP was first rolled out but I have never seen this list and have not seen it available anywhere on the RES.NET site.



Hi Brandon,



Don't miss your opportunity to be amongst the first to market yourself to the 120+ Banks and Asset Management companies who use RES.NET. Get your new AMP profile working for you, immediately.

RES.NET is proud to announce its next advance in empowering real estate agents with AMP, the Accelerated Management Platform.  AMP is a new interface to RES.NET that gives agents greater control of their properties and data.



First American REO  now Corelogic

Precision Asset Management,OWB, Aurora,

RMS, TREO, and USRES,Green River Capital

iServe, Turning Point AM





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  • I do BPOs for SAM and IAS and have not had to use the RES.Net platform for those BPOs every time.  I think they use various platforms depending on who their servicer is.


    Remember, it is FREE to sign up to use the RES.Net BPO platform and to do BPOs on their site.


    I used to pay for the upgrade in order to list my properties on the site, and even signed up when they introduced AMP for $700.00.  Now they want $700 for AMP (I have never used it as I have another listing management site I use) and an additional $300 for the "Premium" service to put my listings up.   Needless to say, I said "Nope". 


    If they start charging for the BPO platform, I am not sure what I will do then.  I guess I will start paying again!

    • Linda I think it is a good idea to be signed up with RES.Net if you are looking to get any REO listings.

      • Thanks for the suggestion Brandon.  I already have REO listings, they just do not use RES.Net and the 2 years I did pay the $700 I got no new listings.
        • Linda thanks for the comments on this post. I do share your needing to watch what dollars are spent every year with all the sites we have everyday asking for us to sign up and pay and to get a return. I watch closely what I sign up for but I do know for myself I have had clients when I first started request I be signed up with RES.NET. since that time I have stayed with them.


          Just a suggestion you may want to check out the list that has started to grow on the post link below titled "So what banks use RES.NET" I had listed as a result of this post.

          So what banks use RES.NET?


          You may want to take 10 minutes and double check your MLS with the seller names to see if you are missing enough business to now make it worth it for you.

  • Trying to get a complete list I have added this discussion to my blog here is a link.

    So what banks use RES.NET?


    So what banks use RES.NET?
    This I have to say is an odd business model that RES.NET has currently. I don't know who has advised RES.Net to not disclose or make easily available…
  • Thank you for the added banks information. I can say since I wrote this post I have learned of another company that is using their services at Res.Net


    Acqura Loan Services

  • First American REO  now Corelogic

    Precision Asset Management

    Green River Capital


    are some other ones now using ResNet

  • OWB, Aurora.
    • Are these assigning listings or doing BPO?

      Aurora are they giving listings direct or using outsource like Coreglogic. I recently received one from Aurora on Res.Net but it was outsourcer.

  • RMS, iServe, Turning Point AM.
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