I will probably answer this question for myself as I type out my question but it will be great to hear from any of you with experience with this company.I used to do a lot of REO's with SingleSource. They were a good company to work for. I think I got a little cocky and started ignoring the just BPO orders and letting other BPO agents pick them up. They were always optional and mass e-mailed out to several agents at once. If you wait a little while someone else would pick it up type of deal. I am not used to my pre FC BPO's paying a fee. When I saw that they were paying for these drive bys I thought that it was just that, a drive by. Now I am wandering if I should be taking these for the possibility to get back into the REO's with the company. They are super picky on comps, GLA, area, etc.. so I decided that I would let someone else make the $50 for the pain in the rear BPO's and I would just work the REO's.Now I'm thinking taking there pain in the rear BPO's might be part of the whole package. Is it time to rethink ignoring BPO's or have theSingleSource REO's just dried up in my area? It is so hard to tell what in the heck gets us the listings in this business. Any ides? I'd love to hear from others who have worked with Single Source and see how they handle the REO and BPO requests.

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  • I have completed a good number of BPO's for this company however, I think like others their work flow has slowed tremendously in my area. I have not received any order request for at least 2 months.
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