1) how do I find out a homes Style?
2) What is the best way to describe The subject property? Best way to describe subject neighborhood?
3) And where do you get the stats or statistics of the neighborhood?
4) Should we use absorption rates? Is so can you give me an example on how you would write it out.       5) what are the BPO Companies that pay $50.00 & up for exterior BPO's.

I am in Los Angeles 

Thank you everyone!!!

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  • or you could take a Five Star Institute class.
    • Hi CeCe, Ill look into 5 star. how much do they pay for BPO's? My Broker said do a google search for the home styles. LOL not much help there. what is the name of the book that cold help me with home styles. I do not aeticulate well so am asking for help with the descriptions & comments. thank's

      • Five Star is an institute. They do not order BPOs. I suggest changing brokers, studying MLS descriptions and maybe taking a writing course. Google would help you find a book of homestyles. There really aren't that many basic styles. Join NABPOP. Get certified. There is a list of BPO companies there as well as here. Good luck. Cece.
        • Thank you Cece

  • I suggest you do something that I have not done. Take a BPOR class. If you dont know a style by looking at it, you need more real estate experience or broker instruction. There are books of home styles. Read other agent's descriptions of similar styles. Describe what you see. Type and condition of siding, windows, roof, gutters, landscaping, driveway, garage, color scheme. Same for neighborhoods. Stats come from the MLS. Stock/absobption analysis is good if there is room for it.
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