Should you ever take a low price BPO request?

I get numerous request for work.  Sometimes when I get a call they will say " You previously did one for $.......,   why not now"


Previously I took some lower priced orders when

1.  I am on the same street for an already accepted order

2.  I am trying to build a history with a new company

3.  I am trying to improve my score, and volume is needed


I feel the fee you accept is based on the circumstances, not the always the same per job.  



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  • That "you previously did one for us at..." doesn't work with me either. Like you if I just did one, pulled around the corner to check my pictures and my email and I have another order in the same area I might take it. If I have to make a special trip I might decline or ask for a higher fee. I will also decline if it's something that I know I'm going to have a hard time finding comps for. If it's a manufactured home or has a lot of additions or is some weird custom unit it's going to take a lot longer to find comps than if it's a cookie cutter tract home in a big development.

  • Well put Cece. Taking a lower priced order when you are in the area is a good thing. I have also like you in the past used the same comps for 2 different orders since the subject for both had similiar sq ft - I like those a lot. In my area I do no though see $100 orders.

  • Donna - do not let the online BPO price bullies get to you.  Those are all legit reasons to take some low price BPOs except maybe for the scoring thing.  I never pay any attention to scores.  You will learn or decide soon enough if they were worth the effort.  You are NOT the reason for the lower payments!

    I do the same thing.  My price for a single order 'x' miles away is higher than if it is on my way to another order or in the same general direction.

    Today, I got a request for my fee for a certain address after I was already on the road.  It was $200.  Then I realized I was going toward that area on today's route.  So I sent them my discounted fee of $120 and got the order.  Barely had to go out of my way.

    I also took 10 $35 orders that were mostly in the same neighborhood.  Was able to use the same comps for 5 or 6 of them and the same comps for 3 of them.  Unfortunately, they were for a slow payer, Valuation Vision, and I forgot and took a few more orders the next month.  Of course, I now no longer take their orders.

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