Short Sale Through Caneel Group

A loss mitigator from Caneel Group contacted me about approaching a tenant occupied, distressed property that is serviced through Selene Finance.

They want me to door knock the tenant to get their contact info and also try to reach out to the homeowner (only given an address for the owner). 

They haven't assigned the listing to me, but said if I can get them to agree to a short sale, the listing is mine. Is this common?

Don't know if I feel comfortable reaching out to the tenant and home owner without any commitment. Am I wrong?

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  • I completed a Caneel REO several years ago, and they are a great company to work with. I subsequently received one of these door knockings several years later. The owner was not cooperative despite my contacts, and I believe the note was sold, or perhaps the property was sold at court house auction, during foreclosure. Generally speaking, if you reach out to them, and they want to work it out, you will get the listing. I would attempt it again if I received one.

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