Have a short sale with Chase for 3 months already. Had a negotiatior assigned to the file in September, reassigned to another one in October. No news from them. Chase doesn't give out any contact number or e- mails for negotiatiors. A BPO and an appraisal have been done. Last week I've been transferred from one department to another to get to Loss Mitigation Department with no luck. No one even recognizes the loan number. Does anyone have a contact or a phone number to Loss Mitigation/Short Sale Department? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Thank you Vitaliy and Jamie.
  • Hi Anna,

    Here is the deal... Chase is one of the HARDEST short sale banks to deal with. I have had one going on 18 months now. But you are in luck because I do have an inside person in the dept you are looking for. Here is her information:

    Pamela Bethea, Assistant Vice President, LS Department Manager, 843-673-4636. (

    Good luck to you. :-)
  • Anna, I know what you mean... Chase is one of the hardest to deal with on short sales. And they typically don't share any contacts information.
    Try this: Julie Gates, Section Manager, Loss Mitigation, 904-886-1385 direct,
    Not sure if she will be able to help you, but worth trying...
    Good luck!
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