I'm an agent representing a buyer who has written an offer on a REO listing in San Francisco. The listing agent will not provide proof that my offer was submitted. Can anyone help w/contact info for a B of A asset manager (Equator platform) or at least tell me how to find out if my offer was ever mentioned?
thanks in advance,

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  • Rebecca I just did a search for Bank of America on the disscussion as I started the group http://reopro.ning.com/group/bankofamerica and was looking for some good content. I wanted to invite you to join the group and add any helpful information as well ask ask any Bank Of America questions.

    I have been told to get on RES.NET by Bank of America to get contacts for REO check out the group it has some helpful info for you that I was given from Bank of America.
    Bank of America
    This group is to discuss REO properties with BOA and to share solutions to getting more business with BOA or getting in the door with BOA if you have…
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