ServiceLink Partners with the FORCE

I received an email from Servicelink yesterday stating they had entered into a partnership with The Five Star Institute.  "As of July 31st, any agent who wants to be eligible to market properties for ServiceLink is required to be a member of the FORCE". They are offering a discount but still seems steep since I have only received 1 property with them in the past.  Anyone have thoughts on this?  Anyone a Force Member?

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  • has any one gotten listing if they joined the force from service link I have been with them since 9/2013 and have gotten nothing

    • I had posted in 2013 that I wasn't going to join, but I did in July 2014 for one year.  I didn't get anything from anyone as far as new business and dropped them July 2015.

  • Can anyone provide any feedback on how FORCE has been going since they signed up?  Is it worth it?  I am be requested by join by ServiceLink in order to get any of their listings...  Please help me out and let me know because it's really expensive and already paying lots of $$ for other REO subscriptions.  Thanks! 

    • I have been with then since September 2013 and not one listing I am thinking of droping it

  • I have had several REO's from ServiceLink over the last 1-2 years.  I think ServiceLink may be getting some servicing of the NationStar recently acquired properties from BAC.  $99/mo plus a high referral back on low commission to ServiceLink?  If the majority of their existing agents say no, I'd say this could fall apart all on it's own, especially if they expect to pick up a bunch of NationStar files on top of Chase.  I might lose a 65k listing on the BAC transfer to NationStar- but I have a buyer for it already and that pays far more.

    One more thing.  Anyone seen the FORCE application?  I did.  License, liability and E & O insurance docs sent to them....hmmm sounds like Equator to me.  Yet ServiceLink claims it's about agent compliance?  I'm not buying it or the membership.

  • I would like a good list of REO companies that you can trust.

  • I wonder what the kickback to Servicelink will be.  Remember that 5 STAR and Redbook is owned by DS News.  If I was Servicelink, I'd want a percentage of the class fees and monthly dues.

  • BOYCOT everything and everyone... All these institutions are merging and needing you to pay this and pay that. its too much upfront work for nothing. and they will get away with it if we let them... 

    My #1 Rule: DON'T PAY FOR WORK!!! I mean who does that!? 

    The way is. YOU WORK then YOU GET PAID for your work. 

    You're NOT suppose to  PAY to RECEIVE WORK and then get PAID with ISSUES and INVOICES and then YOU PAY AGAIN for using THEIR web platform. ETC. 

  • DId they give you a contact person etc? I didn't receive this email. I'm in their system to do BPOs but not for Listings. Any info would be great. Thanks



    • Just look on the 5 Star Institute website.  Next thing you know, some other company will require you be a member of some other private dues paying organization.  Like NRBA or Open Door.  Even though we are all independent contractors, it seems that there must be some 'labor' law against this sort of thing. 

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