• what is the website

      • I took the plunge and have joined for one year at $99/mo, not so much to get ServiceLink listings because I never saw too much from them, but to further expand my client base.  Their annual meeting is over the Sept 13 weekend- not sure if I can make that.  You have to apply to be accepted, so they just don't allow anyone to join. They also provide REO and short sale certifications.

        Al Hicks

        Member Relations | The Five Star FORCE

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        Office: 214.525.6706

        • Question. I have been trying to get REO listings for years. I have done tons of Servicelink bpos and altisource, etc. Do you have to go to the Five Star meeting to get reos? or what?

          • You do have to be a member of the Five Star Force to get listings from ServiceLink- they made that change within the last 6-9 months.  You don't need to go to the meeting; I don't know if I can swing that or not.

  • I think they are going out of business, I was trying to sign up with them but said that they no longer do BPO's same with Safeguard properties. 

  • I didn't see to much volume from them in my area maybe 1-2 per month over a 3 year span. Seems if I remember right they were 30+ days out on payment & always wanted to give you comps that were in no way similar. I dropped them. 

    • Good to know, Tracy

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