RR Review going nuts with a new client orders..especially  CA,WA, NY, IL, AZ, FL, CA, NV, OH -told you so...12/31/2013..must be second batch of stuff they didn't send in the morning blast yesterday (12/30/2013)

RR Review is sending orders nationwide like mad nationwide! Signup to them if you want them 

RR Review ...Birdie tells me they just got a bunch of new FNMA stuff- probably more interiors since they are also FNMA from the prices they are offering

I believe its a small 5,000 to 6,000 Order drop...You need to call these people for orders..please comb through your emails from these people directly...to get exact names...for those of you who have received emails from the below people- you will have their direct lines in email signatures...email signatures are the things at the bottom of emails that have contact info

DON'T CALL ME _ CALL RR Review or signup online


(Disclaimer- My company does BPO Data Entry Outsourcing and Order Capture- DO NOT CALL me for any orders [some have],  I am not affiliated with the above mentioned company- we get information through our own intelligence gathering resources....This in not an advertisement- check with the vendor if they have orders and see for yourself- I do not want to have a political discussion with you about sharing helpful competitive information with your fellow Realtors....Because it affects my client base and our employees...and I would like to share the information and help everyone prosper for 2014- Please, Please for g*sh sake do not send me your information)

Joey Singh
Ameritax BPO Outsourcing Inc. 
Business Development

Skype: Ameritax1
1 212 801 2390 Office Ext 888
1 516 881 0126 Direct Assistants Line
1 800 689 6028 Fax
1 917 859 4400 Cell

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  • If you cant provide any useful info, John, you just need to stop advertising. I will get you banned like I did the other guy. You and Frank are just pests, interfering with legitimate discussion. Start your own discussion and provide references. Then see if you get the attention you so desperately seem to need.
    • Hi CECE!! I just joined this group, Are you saying the above discussion about RR review is not ligit?

      • No.  I was replying to someone who has since deleted or had his advertisement deleted.  Joey aka ATX usually is providing information based on info he gets from inside sources.  He has been correct for several of my clients but I dont get a lot of RRREVIEW orders to start with. 

        • Thanks Cece- whenever I can get some useful PROFITABLE information I will try to help - Happy New Year

  • Are they in North CA because I'm not seeing anything in South CA?

  • Wow folks California, Illinios, and NY are really zooming with Orders

This reply was deleted.