• Are you a listing agent or a buyer's agent? If buyer's, you should get 2.5% to 3%.  If listing, depending on what asset management you get listings through. If you list HUD direct and than its 2.5%, if you go through  asset manager/s you pay them 1% from 3%, or 1.25% from 3%, or 1% from 2.5%, or 1% from 1.75% - all depends who wants a bite of your commission.  I never work with any company that pays less than 2.5%. Current REO practices are abusive to agents. I strongly feel that there should be an acceptable minimum commission and it should be regulated by NAR.

    • Thanks for responding. I am the listing agent. I am going to try with this one to see how it goes as its a good property to sale. I will definitely not work for pennies. Btw, HUD is supposed to award to new AM. Do you know any inside?
    • Simply refuse the listing!  Tell them they need to find a bottom feeder to abuse.  Oh by the way NAR would get us all sued if they set any fees for membership.  NAR is not an approved regulator by Obama.

  • I have to pay a referral fee of 1% to AM then another 25% to sister company. If HUD pays 3% it leaves at 1.75% for my office and if HUD only pays 2%, it leaves me at .75%. I have to make decision whether to take it or not
    • Did you ask what the commission will be?  I've done FNMA reverse mortgage foreclosures but those referral fees are added outside of my commission not taken from.  There was a 5% or $2000 minimum.  They came from an asset company that will no longer have those assets because FNMA is taking them back in house.

  • How so?

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