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I would like to hear from anyone who is working with RRR. I have worked with them for many years and always received many BPO orders on a daily. All of a sudden the orders stopped coming this month. I have no idea why and all I keep being told is the inventory is low. I have called every dept. and can't make any headway.They all say the same thing. I am getting paid for orders done but have never had this happen before. I would like to know if this has happened to anyone. I would also really appreciate if anyone has a really good contact person in the company.  I don't know what to do about this. Any assistance or comments from anyone would be very helpful.

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  • any good company in California  I'm in Southern California

  • Carolyn, RRR provide less than Stellar services.   Get over it an move on.  Have you tried signing up with Corelogic?  Great company to do business with and certainly respect the Real Estate Industry and  their fee is negotiable  $50, $55 or better. Stop doing business with companies that disrespect your profession...  Corelogic is not a chop shop BPO mill like RRR and some of the other BPO companies.   All the best to you.

  • Hello...

    I work for RRR as well, and there has been a slowdown in recent months. However, I still get occasional orders in my area. I think that they're clients are slow and there is less REO inventory now. This is a trend, and is typical from what I have seen over the years doing appraisals.


    • I agree I think the party is about over I think its time for a new game plan because the Reo business had to slow eventually. 

  • A couple months ago they changed the format to send out exclusive orders to their top tier agents.  They are still sending some regular orders out, but not nearly as many as before come thru the old way.  They are also minimizing the area/radius for the agents.  The orders are drying up from all the companies, but they are in the process of switching over to refi's, PMI removals, and a variety of other types of orders.  Have had a lot of PCR's come in for Equity Loans.

  • What are the highest paying BPO companies?  I know SAM and Five online pay around $50 Any others?  I am tired of doing them for Imortgage and Old Republic for only $30. Thanks!

    • try altisource, LSI, many local banks or even bigger banks will pay more you do them directly for the banks themselves. 

    • i never do BPO's for either company for less than $50. If you agree to work for those prices, that is what you will get. 

      You accepting orders for $30. is what makes them keep putting them out there for those kind of prices..

      I have told both companies NOT to send me orders for under $50. 

      I guess you must feel that your work is only worth $30. My time and expertise is worth more than that. 

      • Kathy, I made that suggestion to some agents who were doing them for that price and they were offended and stated that I was violating real estate law. I have been able to get higher fees from many clients including single source and LSI if they are in more suburban or rural locations. I can get better fees even in more urban locations. I cannot do BPOs for that little money. I think it is insulting. 

    • Rebecca - decline them based on fee.  I know OR will come back to you at a higher fee if none of your brothers and sister accept at the lower one.

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