• Thank you Rose and Byron,

      I called and spoke to my representative but he says that they don't have any at this time.  OMG, another $700  lol.

      • If not available today, there will be soon. With sites like RES.NET (not RES.NET though) I have been successful in calling and asking if they would honor a discount code and in return I would join right then.(important to join right then for them to say yes). My belief is that the ask price is $700 and the  "real price" is $500 year--discount codes and the like motivate us to Best to you...If I hear of any new discounts, I will follow up with you. Byron B

        • Rose and Byron thank you so much.  My representative called me back yesterday when I did not renew my professional membership and he gave me a discount to sign up again.  So I thank you both. 

  • Are you approved with PMH? I received a discount code through them. Call RES.NET help line and ask where to obtain the code. Hope this helps.

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