• I am do for renewal today. I have been asking for a discount for over a month. I even spoke to the manager 2 days ago and nothing. I did get 50% off last year as a new subscriber. So of course I want the same deal again. I need a discount code 

    • The only time I got a discount was long ago.  I think I used the lack of getting listings as a persuader.  

  • Resnet gave me a large discount after asking for one.......Talk to the sales people as they can negotiate for you.

    Actually have picked up two or three REO's already. I prefer site over many of the asset companies BPO sites.

    Plus, agents can place in offers but I do not know if the agents can see an offer already in wondering.


    • How significant a discount?  Just wondering...

      • When I called and asked they only knocked off $100 bucks and told me it was for that day only  Then called again offering the same thing and extended for another short period of time.  I'm just not sure if it's a hustle. I'm reading that the work with them is hit and miss.  I've paid for this before in California and received nothing. I am now in Colorado, not sure if it would be better here.  I've just always been told by my old Broker, who trained me in REO and BPO work, never never pay for work, we are to get paid for our services. Things may be changing though...  

        • ResNet has an agreement with the asset co's to only use agents signed up with pro plus. I didn't believe them but one of my asset mgr's admitted it was true. $700 a year !

          • That is true. You will not get any listings unless you are Pro (pay the $$$).
            Also note, if you have properties and your Pro expires, you loose your access to the properties to finish them out. I have one property that closed, but I was unable to upload the final HUD before I expired and now it sits in my Task tab as over due and there is nothing I can do about it.

  • You should call RES.NET and ask for a discount. It's worked for me. 

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