• Here again, the same deal as EQ - profit centers for the REO Portal (Res.Net and EQ).  I don't pay for any of those items, I do pay for the fully upgraded profiles, as those have a large amount of value (esp. w/the increased zip codes you can carry in your profile).  I receive about 25-50 assignments per year from Res.Net w/o any Banner Ads.

  • sorry my friend; waste of money; have had a banner ad for 2 yrs and nothing has come out of it and I just cancelled it; RES NET just wants everyone to upgrade and get nothing out of it...  and I did get nothing out of it.

  • I purchased a couple of Ads and I have not heard a peep yet.  Maybe I would feel better if there was actually I way I can see my Ad being advertised and know how many Asset Managers have actually viewed it.  But no BPOs or REOs from it yet.

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