Hi All,

I have been getting calls from this company which promises to deliver "qualified" leads on a per-lead basis ($55/lead), and am just wondering if anyone else has signed up with this company and how it worked out for you? Are the leads any good, or are they just sending you names from the phone book and charging you $55, as I suspect may be the case...

Thanks for your time!


Steve Maderious

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  • We gave it a shot, got some halfway decent leads that might pan out, but got charged instantly when a lead was sent to us despite the promise of several days to check out the lead first.  We canceled and demanded refunds, which are in process.
  • Here is feedback on Activerain, there is much more about them -



    Them - $95/ ONE non exclusive lead (poor quality from what people say)

    US - $95/1st month for Guaranteed 15-30 screened, exclusive buyer leads, $150 each month after



    I've said enough! Out of all of the companies out there, I've heard the worse stuff about Reply!  The only other decent company is Homegain in my experience.


    We're officially relaunching Buyer Link on Monday to our general membership at large (we launched last week to our preferred partners) and are expecting much of the country to fill up next week. 

  • Run away as fast as you can.  TOTAL RIP OFF AND LIARS
  • I gave it a try, knowning that it is a numbers game with leads like this. But I found the leads to be even lower quality than I expected. They also kept giving me (and charging me) for leads over my monthly cap. They made it difficult to cancel and I had to stay on top of them for bogus leads that I returned to them so that I didn't get charged.


    I'd save your money.

  • I signed up this summer with REPLY, as an experiment. Hung in there for about 3 months.   90% of the "leads" were pretty worthless.  I did get to make 2 listing presentations, however, neither of them are reday to list their homes yet.

        I do keep the remainder on my email and mailing lists, and I don't really expect to see much response at this point.  I cannot recommend it as a good value.

  • SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!  I know I'm biased, but you'll read crazy stuff about them on Activerain!


    If you want GOOD, 100% exclusive buyer leads, check out - www.theshortsaleguide.com/profiles/blogs/buyerlink-buyer-lead-program


    We just relaunched the Buyer Link program last week.  We only allow one or two agents in each area and guarantee a set number of buyer leads each and every month.  Again, it boils down to less than $10/lead.  They are 100% exclusive (unlike reply!), and are phone verified and told that YOU will be contacting them back. 


    Along with our official relaunch, we will GIVE YOU, yes, GIVE YOU 3-5 buyer leads in your area at absolutely no cost or obligation.  No credit card needed or anything.  Just contact us and say you would like to sample our buyer leads.  We are looking to form long term relationships with good buyers agents here, so giving you a few free leads is nothing.  If you like them, $95/1st month, $150 each month after - 15-25 leads each and every month. 


    To get a few sample leads, email our membership director at:

    mary.kilcullen@theshortsaleguide.com or call (877)737-4903


    Here are some testimonials about us.  Most of these testimonials are about our listing assignment program, but we do have a stellar reputation for delivering.  Feel free to click on them and contact the agents -www.theshortsaleguide.com/group/preferredpartners/forum/topics/test...


    Don't mean to over advertise here on REO Pro.  I won't abuse it! Jesse rocks, and gets a good bit of listing assignments from us!

    BuyerLink Buyer Lead Program
        The Buyer Link Program has been suspended indefinitely.  We are focusing on what we have always done best - Connecting qualified and screened hom…
  • Hi Steve, you should check out their stuff on Google & on Active Rain.  Many, many, many bad media.  I signed up, THEN researched them, and cancelled immediately.  They bound me to their 30 day written cancellation notice, which is fine, but then I asked to turn my lead cap to a minimum of ZERO (had signed up for 25 leads a month), they refused.  So we'll see how this pans out; my cancellation is final on 3/14/2011, as I just signed up and cancelled simultaneously on Monday.




    ^ there are many, many more of these types of links. 


    Good luck!

    • Hi Ira,

      That's certainly helpful information, and just what I was looking for. I'll save my money!
      Thanks and have a great day,


      • My pleasure!  Glad I could save you the hassle ;-)

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