REOTrans with Bank

Apparently, this is not enough to connect and subscribe with REOTrans as any other platforms but we should also connect with their client as well.Anyone knows which banks are subscribing with REOTrans ???... And RESNET >>>I know Resnet has Aurora and First Franklin for sure, but what else ?Thank you for the help !

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  • I know BOA is with them and will be bringing the short sale platform to REOTrans. A default attorney told me this at the 5 Star conference.
  • Thank you for valuable information. I am trying to sign up with as many bank and realize some frustration as some are not accepting anymore application while they assign their listing to agents from another county. When I say other county means a real challenge to commute to subject property. Result is not great and in the meantime I am doing their BPO !
  • The REOTrans 'Upgrade' teaches you how to use their platform, so unless you are a new user, I see no value. If you have just signed up to use their platform, then by signing up and paying for the different levels shows clients that you are familiar with the system.
    Clients from REOTrans I have done business with are New Vista / ECTREO, NDS and Asset Link. Each of these is an outsourcer and they each represent many banks. It has been my experience that the banks are not putting all their "eggs in one basket" and each use multiple outsource companies.
  • they have wilshire, saxon, greenriver, they have tons of them those are some that I have received assignments from through them. I did the upgrade on REOtrans the certification and I can tell you that I do not see where that makes any difference. Good luck with them
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