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I think I might need to explain how the Advanced Member Search and Profile Questions work. I have come by this realization after seeing some of the answers to the profile question, “I service the following zip codes.” For example, “I service all the zip codes in ABC County” or “Call me to discuss” does not help people find you. To help explain the Advanced Member Search concept, you need to understand that the question is designed in such a way to prevent as mush ambiguity as possible. Most people when asked, what zip codes they service would list out zip codes individually, when they knew it was an advanced searchable data feature in a data base that is being referenced. Ok, I am realizing that my explanation is going to get real technical real quick so, in order to not loose you I am going to make this really easy…… If you want people to be able to “search” for you through our advanced member search by using the zip code method, YOU MUST LIST YOUR ZIP CODES IN THIS FORMAT………………………………………. XXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX Otherwise, it will not work. Similarly, you need to list you counties like this………… Dade, Mesquite, Sumner, Knox Hope this helps….lol, if not, just call me or email me.

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  • I searched myself and cannot get myself to come up in the counties I have registered. 

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