• Outstanding company! The very best, as I have stated on previous blogs. I figure you receive the same orders as I do, first bulk around 20 orders, then second around 40 orders, consistently for the past five years. I would hate to see those go.

              • Same scenario here!! They have some really good people working for them too. Yes, I would definetly hate to see them go......and right now I believe they are OK. Keep in touch is all I say.....just keep it verifiable please.....for their sake.

                • So SLS still giving out BPO orders and in bulk? Im in Maryland and 2 years ago i got most of my business from Emortgage, they slowed down the past year and Corelogic gave me alot of bpos and then slowed down the past months.

              • Is SLS Secured Lensding Services? and they send bulk order?

                • Yes, Secured Lending Services aka IREP, you can expect to receive anywhere from 20 to 80 orders per month if they are available in your service areas of course.

                  • Great ill google them to sign up and hopefully they are hot here in Maryland. Thanks.

                • yes

        • Judith, do you still think it's ok to take orders from SL?

    • I just looked up NREIS and found payment complaints on a notary/mortgage closing signers website stating payment problems going back 2 years.  Looks like we aren't the only part of this business having payment problems.  It also notes the relationship with Secured Lending (SLS) which also has complaints in this discussion. 

      • I was owed 4200 by them and made payment arrangements,they followed through and completely paid me off, I did an order for them since then and got payment right away,I would continue working for them,just have to keep a closer eye. Secured Lending has been great,,,,,they don't send out individual checks for work,so there might be 10-20 jobs on there,usually 2-3 wks work......I love those checks!

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